Class excursion in Hamburg

Rätselvergnügen für Schulklassen im Escape Room
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Fun and action

The flyer for the class trip in an escape room in Hamburg

Download the flyer here (in german only):

Flyer zum Klassenausflug

We lock your students!

Your students really want to make a cool class trip again? You want to strengthen the team spirit and the cooperation ability of your students? Then lock your students for 60 minutes with us. Only when they work together as a group and at the same time play their individual strengths, they manage to escape together.

Puzzles for school classes

You are looking for a special class trip and want to experience a real adventure with your students? Then you are exactly right in our Escape Rooms!

We lock up your students and they only have 60 minutes to escape!

How does this work?

AdventureRooms is a Real Life Escape Game. Your students form teams and are locked in an unknown room from which they have to escape within 60 minutes. They have to do a lot of tricky tasks, do experiments and find combinations. Only if they work together as a team, they can free themselves!

Interactive and cooperative lessons

AdventureRooms were developed by a teacher in Switzerland. Many puzzles in our rooms make course content from science subjects an interactive and exciting experience. Solving them requires a high degree of teamwork and cooperation. You have to face up to the challenge and come to their goal with only the effort and perseverance: fleeing the room!

In particular, our duel mode – a game of hunters and hunted – gives them the thrill needed to really use all the skills of the group and to decode the puzzles together.

Special price for school classes

School classes and charities for children pay us a reduced rate of € 10 per player Monday through Friday, 09:00, 10:45 and 12:30. With us up to 14 players can play in one room at the same time. Please keep in mind, we have three of them

PS: As a teacher, you can choose whether you want to participate in the game or whether your students should be completely on their own.

Live Escape Game for the special experience

Inquiry for school classes and non-profit organizations

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