Girls Night fun in an Escape Room

Pre-party fun with AdventureRooms Hamburg

Get your girls together… tonight is escape night!

Honestly, a real night out with the girls is great, but it happens far too rarely. There is always
something holding you back, like your husband, the kids, your mother in law, work and so on…

Let us recommend something, that we have seen plenty of girls do, with great fun and success.
Create some space in your calendar for you and you friends and visit AdventureRooms
Hamburg, to be locked inside one of our escape rooms. Test yourselves, accept the a challenge
and see what you are capable of! Get the girls together and combine your talents! You only have
60 minutes to show if you can make it out!

This is a great challenge and a test not only for your individual strengths but for your whole
groups capability!

Find your date and make a booking right here:

enjoy the ladies who woukd like to play an escape room now